When did the Terminator come out, anyway? 1984? Those special effects are too dated to freak you out in this day and age--no way would a real spooky robot skull scare you.

You crouch down and--gently, slowly, cautiously--reach to brush away a lock of hair from where you assume their face is. Even with just the slightest touch, you can feel it's more plastic and artificial than human hair, but it certainly looks genuine enough. It's like a higher-quality budget wig. Is that what they make android hair out of?

Careful not to startle the disfigured android, you move the hair just out of the way enough to catch a glimpse of their face--which seems to have been left in tact. Actually, they're really quite pretty; it's a shame they're in such a state. Their only visible eye--an LCD screen, you can tell this closely--is half-shut, glitching and flashing and flickering too much to tell what color it normally is. The light of the purple LED circle sitting in the base of their ear-cup slowly fades in and out, indicating low power.

They look quite familiar, actually, but you can't tell for certain. In any case, you feel obligated on some level to help them ou--

Their eye snaps open. Quicker than you can react, a skeletal metal hand grabs you by the wrist and yanks you closer. Something sharp jabs at your flesh, and you feel the trickle of blood dripping down your arm and onto the ground.