You find yourself entranced, your eyes glued to the screen.

The screen flashes for just a split second; it's that image of the New Year's butterfly again, making you excited for the upcoming year 2000. You sure hope there isn't some massive widespread computer bug at midnight; that'd just ruin the spirit of the holiday!

When you shake the thought away--you'd really gotten distracted thinking about that subliminal butterfly, huh?--the screens have changed to playing a PSA, starring a different pretty android girl than the one in the ad. Her voice is chirpy and sweet, but clearly robotic and synthesized, like someone singing into a vocoder.

"The Three Laws are here for humanity's protection! If you witness any androids violating any of the Three Laws....

BZZT! Report it to Meteora customer service immediately!"

Hm, that sounds like useful information. You almost wish you hadn't tuned out the first half of the PSA--or maybe just that you'd paid more attention during the science fiction unit of English class.

KEEP WATCHING THE TVS--Maybe it'll loop back and play the PSA again from the start.